PR80 Realtime Video Presenter

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    The PR-80 is a real-time digital video performance and editing system designed for video display/performances in concerts, churches, tradeshows, hotels, retail, conventions centers and seminars. Designed for use in any live event, the PR-80 is a unique, real-time visual performance system that allows instantaneous recall of hundreds of full-frame digital video clips. The operator can follow spontaneously, what is happening on stage providing a unique visual performance. In addition to touch screen support, both products can also respond to any MIDI based control device, such as a MIDI Keyboard, to allow the user to combine digital video clips, digital audio, and still images into a synchronized presentation (VLINK). The PR-80 allows display of two DV streams for mixing and cross-dissolving with the additional feature of selecting one of the streams to be keyed over the other (black, white or chroma). In addition, user definable masks are now available when using non-standard screen shapes like circles or even very wide aspect ratios. Other new features include a variety of new realtime effects like mirroring, multi as well as test patterns and color bars for easing projector setup.

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