SPI Dimmer Modules

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    Designed for extended service life and simplicity, our SPI dimmer modules provide exceptional noise suppression at all light levels. Each SCR power cube is equipped with an EDI Saf-T-Qube™, which protects low voltage DMX data cables and associated console and dimmer bank electronics from any potential contact with high voltage power in the event of a power cube failure. Our SPI modules are designed for use in EDI Mark VII dimmer banks and SCRimmer II portable dimmer packs. They will control incandescent, quartz and low voltage incandescent loads as well as non dim loads. The fully enclosed plugin module offers a high level of safety. Its chassis design includes a 300 sq. in. heatsink with forced air cooling. Designed for user convenience, the plugin design allows the module to be easily removed without tools. All SPI plugin modules are made to the same rugged construction and quality standards used throughout EDI product lines.

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