SCRimmer Stik

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    Save Energy and Money
    The SCRimmer Stik™ is designed to work with today’s energy efficient high performance lamps. There is no need for expensive centralized dimmer systems when you can create a flexible dimmer system with the outlets where you need them. Here is a product that can adapt to any situation.

    Just Plug It In
    Take the SCRimmer Stik™ out of the box and plug it into any 110/240 VAC outlet. The SCRimmer Stik™ comes with a power cord and connector rated for 20 amps. The SCRimmer Stik™ is adaptable to permanent or portable installation. When powered, the Power LED will illuminate, alerting the operator that the outlets are powered but without signal. 

    Connect The Signal
    The SCRimmer Stik™ accepts the rugged industry standard 5- pin XLR style DMX connector for the optically isolated signal input. When connected, with a signal present, the LED will illuminate. The SCRimmer Stik™ is furnished with a DMX output connector, which allows the control signal to "daisychain" through any additional Stiks™ or other remote devices.

    Power the Loads
    Connect any incandescent or quartz load into each of the outlets. The power-handling SCR components can withstand up to four times the current rated capacity. Overload conditions are protected at the outlets to avoid common failures.

    Test the Load without a Signal
    With the load connected, press the test button. The load will be powered to full. The test button allows for simple load or focus checks. Press the button again and the load will fade out. Otherwise, the test switch will automatically switch off after a seven and one half-minute period.

    Create the Look
    With the DMX Controller on line, the SCRimmer Stik™ is ready to respond to the commands of the signal generator. The lamp output is smooth and even, without flickering or stepping.

    It’s Serviceable
    The SCRimmer Stik™ offers the best value in the market by making the critical components of the unit user serviceable. The plug-in SCR control for each dimmed outlet can be replaced with a screwdriver. The lightweight design and unique mounting hardware make the SCRimmer Stik™ fit into any environment.

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