MX SCR Dimmer Module

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    Built to EDI's rugged standards for quality, long lasting dimmers, the MX SCR Dimmer Module is the fundamental building block of the MX Dimming System. Featuring the flexibility required for both live performance and architectural dimming applications, modules are available to dim standard incandescent, quartz, fluorescent ballast, neon and cold-cathode sources.

    Standard dimmer modules provide one LED indicator per dimming circuit for visual confirmation of dimmer activity, in addition to a single LED to warn of dimmer fault conditions. Dynamic Information System (DIS) feedback technology is available as an option. The MX SCR Dimmer Module's state-of-the-art engineering provide the user with real-time dimmer information.

    Standard or custom rise times provide the utmost flexibility for site-specific dimming. Tailored to meet exacting design requirements, the MX SCR Dimmer Modules are the core element of the MX Dimming System.

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