MX Dimmer System

    Manufacturer Description

    The MX System dimmer rack represents a new standard for compact dimming . The freestanding rack is suitable for medium to large installations as well as large architectural dimming systems. The rack controls are sophisticated for complex applications, yet provide easy to use programming and troubleshooting.

    The MX System provides the user with the latest in dimming technology, including: off-line programming to via any IBM-compatible PC or the hand-held programmer; backup memories with remote access; LCD status beacons.

    The unique 3- phase vertical bus bar allows up to 96 dimmers to be sequentially numbered in the cabinet with no two adjacent dimmers on the same phase. The MX system comes in three sizes of racks: 96, 48, and 24 dimmers. Both SCR and Fluorescent dimmer modules are available.

    • Plug-in Modular System
    • 96 2.4 kW Dimmer Capacity
    • User- Programmable Control Module
    • Real-time Dimmer Feedback Option (DIS)
    • Configurable Panic Input Assignments
    • Custom Rise Times
    • U.L., c-U.L. Listed

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