Master Station Wallplates

    Manufacturer Description

    The Designer Series wallplates allow for multiple location control of one or more lighting channels by a combination of slide potentiometers, switches, and pushbuttons. Control of each channel is available from its corresponding slider.

    Wallplates with three or more channels include a proportional master slider to simultaneously control all channels. An Off, Take Control and/or Full switch allows lights to be turned off or selected full on without disturbing the slider settings.

    Easy to operate, the Designer Series control station wallplates add low-profile lighting control to any room.

    ·  Simple zone controls
    ·  No visible mounting hardware
    ·  Single button activates station
    ·  Remote lock-out option available
    ·  Stations may be daisy-chained together
    ·  Take Control and Full On option available
    ·  Utilizes simple analog control for easy installation
    ·  Wallplates mount in standard masonry backboxes
    ·  Simple to operate -- linear control with 45mm travel
    ·  Custom color faceplates and nomenclature available
    ·  Master slider on systems with three or more channels
    ·  Custom faceplates with nine or more channels available

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