EB-84 (UK) Video Projector

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    The Epson EB-8 Series (84, 85, 825, 826W) provides many features to improve the quality of your projection experience. These include microphone input and powerful integrated speakers for easier speaking in a large room; USB Direct connection, which allows you to plug in the new Epson Visualiser and project a source document or 3D objects directly, as well as normal projection from a PC onto a larger screen. And so that you can focus on your audience and your presentation, all of these features are accessible from the new remote control. 

    You can remotely configure and operate the projector over your network with ease, thanks to Epson EMP Monitor software. For example, you can set an email alert for the internal temperature of your projector or to monitor lamp status, and have advanced notice of any problems that could disrupt your presentation. 

    Thanks to their wide connectivity, mobility and easy, convenient features the EB-8 Series are perfect for use in educational environments.

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