UB2199-WP Loudspeaker

    Manufacturer Description

    The UB2199-WP is designed to be weather-resistant for continued outdoor exposure. The enclosure is black mica filled polypropylene that resists the elements. This material also provides a highly uniform color depth and resists adverse effects from high temperatures due to solar radiant heating. Its foam-backed, stainless steel grille protects drivers from physical damage as well as driving rain. For further protection, the LF driver cone is also weather treated. The drivers are mounted to the front baffle, which is assembled to the enclosure using captive, threaded, metal inserts. This superior construction technique ensures enclosure integrity for long-term serviceability. The enclosure is shaped to provide several "grab" points to facilitate carrying. The input connectors on the rear have a weather cover for weather protection. All exposed metal parts are treated with a weather resistant powder coating process.

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