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    EAW offers a wide range of stage monitor loudspeakers systems, letting professional musicians and the audio professionals who support them the ability to customize on-stage monitor systems to the needs of the performing ensemble and venue. Some systems offer two angles at which they can be placed to suit performers' specific needs.

    All system employ two-way designs, minimizing enclosure size without sacrificing power handling or sound quality. 12- or 15-in woofers are paired with 1-, 1.4- or 2-in exit compression drivers. Depending on the system, the compression drivers are loaded with either constant directivity horns or Wave Guide Plates.

    The larger SM Series monitors all use heavy duty 2-in exit compression drivers. The SM200iH employs EAW's evolutionary WGP for wide dispersion and natural vocal reproduction. The SM200iH has the lowest profile of any manufactured stage monitor, making it a favorite of television studios specializing in musical entertainment. SM260iV, SM400iH and SM500iV systems use undercut throat constant directivity horns for accurate pattern control and minimal distortion at the high SPLs required in the most demanding professional performance situations. All Concert Foldback Systems are switchable from bi-amped to full range passive modes, and include loop-through connector panels on both sides to minimize cable runs on stage.

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