SB1001 Large Format Flyable Subwoofer

    Manufacturer Description

    The SB1001 is a direct radiating dual 18-in cone driver that represents a significant upgrade to the legendary SB1000. The new SB1001 subwoofer is perfectly suited for a wide range of applications that require articulate, powerful low end. While the dimensions of the SB1001's vented enclosure and the fundamental acoustical philosophy remain true to the classic SB1000, the core components are significantly enhanced to include larger 4.5-inch (115-mm) voice coils and all neodymium magnet structures. The operating frequency range of the SB1001 is 27 Hz to 161 Hz (+/- 3 dB) and the maximum sound pressure levels are 129 dB (average) and 135 dB (peak). To optimize LF response, the SB1001 subwoofer is designed for use with EAW's critically acclaimed UX8800 dual-mode digital processor featuring revolutionary EAW Focusing Technology.

    The result is a lighter-weight reference standard that has greater impact, power handling and output capabilities than its celebrated predecessor.

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