NTL720 3-Way Line Array Module

    Manufacturer Description

    The NTL720 is a very compact, self-powered, 3-way line array loudspeaker module. Designed for the demands of professional use, it is ideal for main PA in both portable and installed applications, including theatres/auditoriums, corporate AV, houses of worship, and live concert events. 

    One large MF/HF horn fills the entire face of the enclosure, better maintaining horizontal pattern control throughout the MF/HF passband. The curved aperture MF loading slots in the horn decrease the percentage of open area at any point along the horn, which greatly minimizes interference to the HF wavefront. The side-mounted LF drivers are frequency shaded, providing proper integration with the front-firing LF/MF drivers while supplying additional LF output and extended horizontal pattern control. 

    Self-powering is supplied by three individual 500-watt Class D amplifier modules precisely matched to their own digital signal processors. Each DSP provides response correction as well as EQ, delay, level, and delay for additional tailoring and alignment control. Further, EAW’s Focusing digital filter algorithms generate precise, complex, filter responses, resulting in a powerful, horn-loaded loudspeaker that has the natural, open, detailed reproduction of the best direct radiating designs. 

    EAWPilot control software provides comprehensive DSP control as well as monitoring of amplifier status. Input selection is a choice of analog, AES left/right, and EAW’s proprietary U-Net. Communication connection options include U-Net and a USB port on the back panel for interfacing with the DSP.

    The FastLatch™ proprietary rigging system is extremely quick and easy to use, in tandem with the very small and light enclosure. Cabinet splay angles are selectable in 3-degree increments between 12 and 0 degrees. Driver, horn and electronic components – and even entire modules – can be replaced within built array structures, whether flown or stacked.

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