NT56 Self-Powered Loudspeaker

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    The NT Series are self-powered, bi-amplified loudspeakers. Designed for the demands of professional use, they can be the main PA or stage monitors in both portable and installed applications, including: theatres, corporate AV, clubs, houses of worship, schools, auditoriums, and band gigs.

    Powerful, field-replaceable, amplifier modules use proven, high efficiency technology. Adding only about 9 lb (4 kg) per loudspeaker, these dependable amplifiers not only provide lots of power, their design affords superior sonic performance.

    NT’s digital signal processing sets it apart. EAW invented new, digital filter algorithms, called Gunness Focusing, to generate precise, complex, filter responses. These filters provide the linear phase response needed for transient accuracy while eliminating coloration from internal phase plug and horn mouth reflections. Digital limiting, specifically tailored to driver limitations and to maintain sound quality, provides more usable output while reducing the risk of driver damage. EAW’s new processing results in a powerful, horn-loaded loudspeaker that has the natural, open, detailed reproduction of the best direct radiating designs.

    NT's mechanical performance received equal attention, including many weight-saving design elements, while maintaining the traditional, rugged, dependability of EAW loudspeakers.

    The companion, self-powered NTS22 subwoofer is engineered to extend the low frequency response and output capabilities of NT fullrange loudspeakers. Its integral low pass filter provides an optimized, acoustic crossover between the full-range and subwoofer.

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