MX8750 Digital Electronic Processor

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    The MX8750 Digital Electronic Processor is designed to optimize the performance of a wide range of EAW loudspeakers. It is a cost effective, single-rack space, processor with fully controllable confiuration and signal processing functions. It is designed for use in single or two channel modes with bi-amplified and tri-amplified loudspeakers along with subwoofers. The MX8750 has two input channels each with eight outputs that can be configured in any combination of input to output. Its functions include crossover filters, parametric equalization, shelving EQ, HP and LP filters, delay, polarity and limiting. The range and quantity of processing finctions assures being able to achieve optimum system performance. The MX8750 is controlled by using EAW software and a Windows PC with an RS-232 or midi interface. There is a full complement of level and status indicatores plus individual output mutes for setting-up and troubleshooting systems.

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