MQ3464D Loudspeaker

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    The new MQ Series represents the next generation of permanent installation loudspeaker systems. Using VA4 Technology developed for the new KF700 Series, the MQ range replaces the MH and BV ranges of Virtual Array systems. The Series comprises matched sets of mid/high and low frequency enclosures that enjoy complementary dimensions and trapeziod angles to facilitate the creation of optimized coverage arrays.

    The MQ3464D uses dual horn-loaded 10-in midrange cones with a specially designed geometry that produces a time-coherent wavefront through the upper portion of the midrange that is critical to vocal articulation. A phase plug with radial slots then serves to reduce the mechanical reactance of the subsystem without affecting the directivity of the source, allowing for flawless arraying of multiple MQ mid/high modules.

    Two high power 2-in exit/100mm voice coil high frequency compression driver is mounted on a constant directivity horn for consistent, accurate dispersal of HF information. The MQ3464D provides a nominal coverage pattern of 60°(h)x 40°(v).

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