MK5194 Full-Range Install Loudspeaker

    Manufacturer Description

    A 2-way full range system (passive LF/HF crossover) in a vented trapezoidal enclosure. Includes a 15-in woofer and a 1.4-in exit/44mm voice coil compression driver on a user-rotatable 90 x 45 constant directivity horn.

    The proprietary beamwidth matching design employed in the MK5194 provides even off-axis frequency response (smooth power response) in a cost-effective 2-way system. The versatile, compact enclosure features a comprehensive system of 3/8"-16 threaded mounting/suspension points, letting it be mounted horizontally or vertically. Simply rotate the horn to maintain the desired coverage pattern. All MK5000 Series loudspeakers are of identical dimensions and the entire MK Series is 30-in high, creating a uniform look throughout a large installation.

    Application include:
    Large HOW’s
    Small HOW’s
    Dance Clubs
    Live Music Clubs

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