KF855EF Loudspeaker Cabinet

    Manufacturer Description

    The KF855 is engineered to serve as the downfill loudspeaker in an EAW concert touring Stadium Array, providing coverage to the most expensive front row seats. The two HF horns may be powered separately or in parallel. The system may be inverted to reach balconies in converted ‘movie palaces’ or similar venues.

    A complex 2-way mid/high system in a multi-baffle trapezoidal enclosure designed for down fill from a flown EAW Stadium Array. Includes a horn-loaded 10-in cone (down angled 10 degrees) and 2x 2-in exit compression drivers on separate constant directivity horns. The two HF horns (angled down 10 and 45 degrees) may be powered separately or in parallel with complex internal passive filter providing frequency shading to integrate the two horns. Powering mode is switchable: biamplified (HF horns in parallel with internal filter and powered by a single amp channel) or biamplified (HF horns powered separately). When in parallel mode, a switch allows attenuation of the lower (45°) HF horn according to trim height.

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