KF852E Virtual Array System

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    EAW KF852E Virtual Array System, see individual listings for package details.

    The KF852E Virtual Array® System is a two way horn-loaded loudspeaker designed to cover the frequency range from 200Hz to 17kHz. The large vertical dimension of the midrange horn allows for excellent pattern control down to the lowest frequencies of operation. Dual 10" midrange drivers offer peak output levels of up to 143dB at 1 meter. EAW's proprietary ferrofluid cooled CD5002 high frequency compression driver provides high output with extremely low distortion.

    The KF852E has been specifically engineered to complement the BH852 horn-loaded mid-bass system (shown at right beneath the KF852E) and SB850 direct radiating subwoofer. All are designed to function as a part of the KF850 Stadium Array System. Arrays incorporating these loudspeaker systems are easily scalable from clubs and proscenium theaters to arenas, stadia and the largest outdoor events.

    The KF852E is available in two basic versions: the KF852EF intended for portable use and the KF852EP which is optimized for use in permanent installations.

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