KF850 Speaker Cabinet

    Manufacturer Description

    The KF850 Series has been the touring system standard for well over ten years, being acceptable in more technical riders than any other loudspeaker. Its longevity is attested to by the fact that with over 10,000 units already out in the field, several hundred are still sold every year. Knowing customers still employ this workhorse every day, EAW engineers decided to modernize the touring classic with a significant performance upgrade featuring the latest proprietary technology and contemporary components. The result, the KF850z, has higher impact and fidelity than ever before.

    Legendary KF850 performance is enhanced with a neodymium, Orbital Magnet Array™ HF driver offering increased surface area for better cooling, and higher reliability. A new HF horn extends HF response and fidelity while minimizing throat distortion. The critical MF subsystem is based on EAW's Radial Phase Plug™ design used in the KF650, KF750, and KF760. An optional user-installed, passive MF/HF crossover kit allows more economical, bi-amplified operation. The LF section horn-loads the 15 inch woofer first used in the KF650z, improving its dynamic response even further.

    Two KF850z models are offered: the KF850zF and KF850zR. Flown applications may use the "F" version, which features rigging hardware identical to the earlier KF850EF. In many applications KF850s are ground stacked in theaters, clubs, and outdoor festivals, or are used for side fill/drum monitoring. To address these applications, we offer a new version without flytrack - the KF850zR - which considerably reduces the weight of the enclosure by 41 lb/18.6 kg, or 22%. Both enclosures incorporate a stacking pad on top that mates with a recess in the bottoms.

    The SB850zR is a significant update of the SB850R, and is an excellent sub-bass complement to the KF850z full-range loudspeakers. A deeper enclosure was designed to allow use of the same driver used in the legendary SB1000. This significantly enhances the SB850zR performance, providing the same high impact and low frequency response of the SB1000 but in an enclosure footprint matched to the KF850z. The SB850zR enclosure also incorporate a stacking pad on top and recess on the bottom which facilitates stacking it with the KF850z or additional subwoofers.

    DSP processor settings will soon be available online for EAW's MX8750 as well a select group of other popular touring processors. The full range KF850z and SB850z subwoofer are appropriate whenever an application calls for loudspeakers capable of ultra-high output and tight pattern control. They are ideal as a main reinforcement system for outdoor festivals, theatres, clubs, side fill/drum fill monitoring on large stages, and as a dedicated side fill element in ground-stacked KF760 rigs.

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