JFX88 Loudspeaker

    Manufacturer Description

    The JFX88 is a 2-way ultra-compact multi-use loudspeaker.
    Its multi-functional design adds considerably to its value as a
    full-range loudspeaker. Combining high output and natural
    reproduction, it is specifically outfitted to serve in a variety
    of both portable and permanent applications. The asymmetric
    enclosure provides typical angles needed for ceiling and
    wall mounting as well as for stage monitor operation. For
    permanent installation, enclosure hardware includes mounting
    points for an optional U-bracket and an Omnimount®
    Series 100 or similar bracket. A pole mount cup is provided
    for portable use. The JFX88 is particularly suitable as a
    nearfield main loudspeaker or as a fill/delay element in larger
    systems. Its wide angle projection makes audience coverage
    easy. While the JFX88 is well suited as is for many applications,
    the addition of a subwoofer expands its capabilities
    for more demanding applications such as for small houses of
    worship, theaters, and band PA.

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