JFX200i Full-Range Loudspeaker

    Manufacturer Description

    The JFX200i full-range loudspeaker is a multi-functional design, adding considerably to its value as a full-range loudspeaker. It is an ideal size and output for wide range of programs. Combing high output capability with natural reproduction, it is specifically outfitted to serve in a variety of both portable and permanent applications.

    The asymmetric enclosure provides typical angles needed for ceiling and wall mounting as well as for stage monitor operation. For portable use, provisions include a pole mount cup, top/bottom fly track for rigging, and handles integral to the enclosure that facilitate handling and transport. For permanent installation, enclosure hardware includes mounting points for an Omnimount® Series 120.0 or similar bracket and fly track for suspension.

    The JFX200i is particularly suitable as a near field main loudspeaker, a fill/delay element in larger systems, for surround sound installations, and as voice and F/X reinforcement in themed attractions. Its conical projection is ideal for near field or other typically “low Q” applications. While the JFX200i is well suited as is for many applications, the addition of a SBX220 subwoofer, especially designed to complement the JFXi Series, expands the low frequency capabilities for more demanding applications. These include houses of worship, theaters, and band PA.

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