JFL210 Compact Line Array

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    The JFL210 compact line array module features a range of EAW’s most innovative line array technologies within a mobile, light weight package that’s an ideal solution for a multitude of small- and medium sized applications, including portable and installed A/V as well as musician/DJ.

    Incorporating constant curvature line array design principles, JFL210 modules form easily configured arrays with very predictable output and coherence and coverage that is both horizontally symmetric and consistent from short to long throws. And despite the compact size, modules and arrays both deliver exceptionally high output capability and predictable pattern control.

    The JFL210 can be flown or stacked in a variety of ways. The enclosure size, shape, weight, and rigging are optimized for ease of transport and handling. Each module measures just 12.3 inches (h) by 24.8 inches (w) by 13.6 inches (d) and weighs only slightly more than 50 pounds. Enclosures can be pole-mounted, and arrays can also be easily flown, ground stacked, and even attached to existing structures in applications such as theatre, where stage and/or balcony fascias may exist.

    Each two-way, full-range JFL210 module utilizes neodymium drivers that provide optimum performance and tireless durability while also further reducing weight. Two 10-inch (2.5-inch voice coil) woofers deliver tight, punchy low-frequency performance, while the 3-inch (1.4-inch-exit) compression driver is closely matched with a horn that provides precise dispersion. These high end components contribute to a maximum peak output of more than 130 dB (SPL), allowing JFL210 arrays to comfortably fill vast spaces.

    JFL210 modules offer a nominal 15 degrees vertical beamwidth and a 90-degree nominal horizontal beamwidth. This allows vertical arrays of up to six units to be easily constructed, and gives added flexibility to attain optimum performance and coverage results.

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