JF80 Loudspeaker

    Manufacturer Description

    A 2-way full range system (passive LF/HF crossover) in a compact vented trapezoidal enclosure. Includes 2x 6.5-in woofers and a 1-in exit compression driver on a Wave Guide Plate.

    • Ultra-compact passive two-way system
    • 2x 6.5-in LF/1-in exit HF on Wave Guide Plate(tm)
    • 100° x 80° coverage pattern
    • High impact, high definition sound
    • For portable use or permanent installation

    The JF80 is engineered for exceptional performance in the nearfield from a compact enclosure. Surprisingly high output, exceptional fidelity. Very effective as a fill/delay elements in larger overall systems or for foreground/background music reproduction.

    Applications include:
    Band PA
    Small Retail Spaces
    Presentation Suite
    Small HOW’s

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