FR250z Subwoofer

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    A dedicated subwoofer system with (2) 15 in transducers in a compact vented rectangular enclosure. Physically reversing one woofer relative to the other helps to cancel the mechanical distortion inherent when large transducers are driven at high levels. It includes recessed handles and rubber feet. A pole receptacle allows the FR250z enclosure to double as a base for use with any pole-mountable full range system. Mounting points on the rear of the enclosure facilitate the installation of an optional caster kit. The Neutrik NL4 Speakon jacks use pin 2 for input to the sub and loop- through the pin 1 input.

    The FR250z provides high output sub-bass response in a compact enclosure. It is intended primarily for portable applications, but it may readily be used in installations where budget and space is restricted. For increased stability, the pole mount receptacle extends to the bottom of the enclosure to leverage the system's entire weight. An appropriately configured MX250 processor will extend LF response while integrating the subwoofer with a full range system.


    • Entry-level subwoofer with professional level SPL capabilities
    • Dual 15 inch woofers in an optimally vented enclosure
    • Push/pull driver configuration cancels distortion
    • Use as a pole mount base with companion FRz Series loudspeakers or other full-range systems

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