DSA250i Digital Array

    Manufacturer Description

    The DSA250i is a unique, column-type loudspeaker for full-range FGM (foreground music) and voice applications. It also functions with additional DSA Series loudspeakers to provide increased performance. For example, a DSA250i used with the DSA230 extends directivity to and increases the output at lower frequencies.

    The DSA250i has the remarkable versatility of a user-adjustable, vertical beamwidth. This is made possible because each transducer has its own DSP (digital signal processing) and power amplifier. Built-in networking provides for remote PC operation and control. Intended to be flat-mounted to a wall, the user directs the DSA250i's output from this position to the desired coverage area using the supplied DSAPilot software. Pattern asymmetry provides similar sound levels to both near and far listeners. Each of the two inputs has user-adjustable EQ, delay, and compression.

    DSA loudspeakers are engineered as a solution for applications with difficult acoustics, physical mounting limitations, precise vertical coverage requirements, and difficult aesthetic requirements. They can replace typical horn/woofer or column-type loudspeakers in small to medium venues. These include houses of worship, auditoriums, theaters, concert halls, conference rooms, transportation centers, athletic facilities, classrooms, museums, shopping malls, and theme parks. The enclosure profile and appearance reduces architectural impact.

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