BH760 Subwoofer

    Manufacturer Description

    The BH760 bent horn subwoofer is engineered as both a complement to the KF760 Series Line Array loudspeaker systems and as a bass supplement to any audio system. BH760s provide extremely high levels of tight, punchy bass response to the lowest octave. Its balanced horn design allows it to be used singly or in multiples. The horns of multiple enclosures couple acoustically to create a single, larger horn that increases output and provides directivity to very low frequencies. Optimum performance is achieved when used in arrays of four or more enclosures.

    The enclosure features a system of interlocking pads and grooves to facilitate stable ground stacks. Compact dimensions, well-placed handles and an optional caster pallet enhance portability. At 45-in deep, the enclosures pack uniformly with the KF760 Series loudspeakers as well as standard width road cases.


    • Horn-loaded for efficiency and high output
    • Companion to KF760 Series Line Array
    • Sized for efficient truck packing
    • Response to 29 Hz to capture lowest musical notes
    • Enclosure pads nest together for stacking ability

    Applications include:

    • Concert Touring
    • Large Nightclubs 
    • Club Systems
    • Arenas

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