AX364 3-Way Full-Range Coaxial, 60 x 45

    Manufacturer Description

    The AX3 Series is a versatile set of arrayable, full-range modules that can provide the "horsepower" for the high outputs required in larger venues. The AX3 Series include horn patterns from 45° x 45° to 90° x 60°. All AX enclosures, including the AX2 Series and companion AX122 subwoofer, have an identically sized, dual trapezoidal shape. This permits creating horizontally or vertically orientated arrays in a variety of beamwidths, with the AX's superior horizontal and vertical pattern symmetry maintaining the proper relationship between the polar patterns. Asset of 3/8-16 threaded mounting points facilitate installation.

    Single-amp and bi-amp operating modes are user-selectable. In single-amp mode, the passive crossover is designed to work with a digital signal processor (DSP). This reduces the crossover’s complexity, minimizes power losses, and provides more sophisticated digital processing to maximize performance.

    The AX3 Series features a newly-designed, coaxial transducer with high efficiency, MF cone and HF compression drivers. The drivers share a common, neodymium magnet allowing closely spaced voice coils. This minimizes the distance between the MF and HF acoustic origins for highly coherent sound both on and off axis. The MF's sealed, aluminum chassis acts as a heat sink for the entire assembly.

    The MF/HF transducer loads into a large, common horn via a modified version of the EAW's patented Radial Phase Plug. A unique HF waveguide is integrated within the center of the phase plug. It is acoustically transparent to the MF energy while being acoustically opaque to and acting as a waveguide for the HF energy.

    The low frequencies are reproduced by a pair of spaced, 12-inch cone drivers. This LF subsystem maintains the overall coaxial design as its acoustic origin is along the acoustic axis of the MF/HF subsystem. In addition, the LF driver spacing provides better pattern control than systems of similar size that use a single LF driver.

    The companion AX122 subwoofer is designed to extend the low frequency response of the AX3 full-range loudspeakers. With an identically-sized enclosures, AX122s array perfectly with AX3s.

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