AX122 Dual 12" Subwoofer

    Manufacturer Description

    The AX122 is the companion subwoofer for the AX Series of fullrange loudspeakers. Designed to extend the low frequency response of AX arrays to below 35 Hz, this compact subwoofer features advanced, high power, 12 in drivers, producing an exceptional amount of output for its size.

    The AX122’s drivers are mounted in a “clam shell” driver arrangement. This provides tighter driver coupling to increase output and improve impact. A massive port radiates the considerable energy needed at the enclosure's tuning frequency to complement the AX3 full-range loudspeakers.

    The dual trapezoid enclosure is identical in size and shape to that of other AX Series loudspeakers. In addition it has the same 3/8-16 threaded mounting points. This means the AX122 is easily incorporated into AX arrays, both physically and aesthetically.

    The barrier strip input connector for the AX122 has a second set of “loop thru” terminals for connecting an additional AX122.

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