Manufacturer Description

    EASYCOLOR2 is the evolution of the very first professional LEDmoving-head EASYCOLOR. Equipped with 36 high-power Luxeon LEDs, EASYCOLOR2 allows you to attain countless numbers of rich and saturated colour-hues. The ultimate mechanical structure and stronger motors ensure theEASYCOLOR2 the most rapid and accurate movements. The use of an Electronic Power Supply allows the EASYCOLOR2 tobe universally powered as well to optimize the LEDsoperations whatever voltage is supplied to it. EASYCOLOR2 offers new ground-breaking qualities in the correction of white-colour balance, and remote parameter adjustments. EASYCOLOR2 encompasses all the characteristics of the EASYCOLOR and it is an authentic substitute to traditional colour changer projectors, ensuring all the advantages of anLED projector. Its dazzling power makes the EASYCOLOR2the perfect solution for unlimited applications predominantlyTelevision-studios, shows, etc.

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