XT Com-Center Dual Channel Base Station

    Manufacturer Description

    The Eartec XT Com-Center Dual Channel Base Station is the centralized base transceiver for up to 8 wireless headsets / beltpacks in the Comstar XT series. Achieve full duplex communication with 2 groups of 4 people, or 8 total in conference mode. Setup couldn't be easier as there are no channels to set, and the antennae for the base station are built in. The XT Com-Center Base Station may be powered with the included AC adapter, optional rechargeable batteries or alkaline batteries. Headsets are sole separately, allowing systems to be configured as desired.

    Outstanding Range

    Full duplex communication up to 400 yards in any direction

    Dual Channel with Conferencing

    Two groups of four users communicate separately or all together in conference mode

    Digital, Full Duplex Voice

    Operates on the 1900MHz frequency range, reserved by FCC for "PCS" voice communication only


    Start out small and add additional headsets as needed. Supports up to 8 total

    Completely Portable

    Operates on AC wall plug, rechargeable batteries (6 hrs) or AA alkaline batteries. Battery sled included

    Instant Setup

    Automatic tuning and no antennas required

    No FCC License Required

    USA, Canada, Europe and Australia certified

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