E475 Power Amplifier

    Manufacturer Description

    The E475 is a lightweight, class AB amplifier, designed to the same high standards of reliability and sound quality that our customers have come to expect of all MC2 products.

    Proprietary current driven output stages give exceptional transient response and a resonant switchmode power supply with a large reservoir gives extremely high peak power without any “bass sag”.

    Optical limiters keep mains input and output currents within a safe operating area at all times, whilst maintaining transparent sonic performance.

    The amplifier features automatic impedance sensing and changes the power accordingly and coupled with user switchable Power Reduction Control, allows different speaker loads to be more safely connected to each channel.

    This enables the amplifier to drive the high voltage swings associated with speaker impedances of 8 Ohms and above, but automatically switches to a high current/medium voltage output required by 4 Ohm loads.

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