M2 Three-Way Midfield Speaker

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    Three-way midfield, with a wide range of applications. Stereo imaging is pinpoint accurate thanks to the computer optimized designs of the crossover and drivers, and the M2 is capable of SPLs of up to 125dB at 1.25m as a stand alone system. When combined with a pair of Dynaudio Acoustics subwoofers, the system becomes a full 4 way main monitoring system capable of very high SPLs with a full frequency response down to below 35Hz.

    The original design concept for the M2 was a compact near-to-midfield monitor, which would remove the need for larger built-in systems with their inherent problems of accuracy, installation and cost.

    Every component of the M2 has been designed for both quality of reproduction and extreme reliability, and each driver can comfortably handle very high transients with no degradation of signal or components, leading to an outstanding dynamic response when coupled with a suitable amplifier with good current capabilities.

    The result is a system which, in its various configurations, is the most flexible monitor package ever designed. By combining M2 with Dynaudio Acoustics subwoofer systems, it is possible to use one basic package for anything from desktop to main monitoring.

    The M2 is essentially flat from 45Hz to 20kHz, and the specially designed bass, mid range and high frequency drivers are capable of reproducing impulsive transients of up to 1000W each without compression.

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