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    The V-SYSTEM is DYNACORD’s answer to the increasing challenge of the professional sound reinforcement business: Uncompromising Hi-End performance and outstanding output capacity are combined with solutions that have been optimized for practical use for system configuration and rigging. Innovative technology enables V-SYSTEM to achieve higher acoustic output with less spatial volume and less weight, thus saving on precious loading space at the same time. Installation is quick and easy, and once in place provides safe and reliable operation. Despite being ”the new kid on the bock“ V-SYSTEM has proven its effectiveness time and time again in the highly competitive audio market: Starting with the world’s longest open air festival - the Theatron in Munich - and spectacular film premieres like ”Air Force One“ in Munich or ”Mulan“ in the Cologne Arena up to events like the Berlin Love Parade and other street parades, as well as music festivals such as Roskilde, or tours including Status Quo’s Scandinavian tour and the Scorpions, V-SYSTEM has performed flawlessly. In fact, it is hard not to be impressed with V-SYSTEM’s outstanding performance and extraordinary roadability. If you’re still not convinced, try it for yourself and see what we’re talking about.

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