V 17 PWH Waveguide Horn

    Manufacturer Description

    The V 17 PWH is concepted as a straight waveguide horn with a vented transducer cabinet. The recommended active x-over frequency is 160 Hz, 18 dB/oct. Butterworth in connection with Hi cabinets (e.g. V 12-60P or V12-60A). In the Lo region between 39 Hz and 255 Hz a 18" EVX 180A OEM loudspeaker chassis is used. The loudspeaker is reliably protected against critical power levels and short thermal overload by thermo switches and halogen lamp protection. The V 17 PWH cabinet is made of birch plywood 18 mm. All corner joints and braces are grooved and glued. The cabinet surface is finished in extremely resistant and slip-retardant structure varnish. A powdercoated steel grid and a lockable cover board protects the V 17 PWH against damage during transport and atmospheric exposure. The connector panel uses two 8-pole Speakon connectors (IN/OUT) for safe connection and easy chaining to the next loudspeaker. The pin assignment is 1+/1-. All other pins (6x) are wired through (IN/OUT). Thus HI cabinets (e.g. V 12-60P with pin connection 2+/2- or V 12-60A (pin 3+/3- and 4+/4-) can be connected via one 8-pole loudspeaker cable. The 2 handle trays on the sides and 4 castors on the rear guarantee easy and safe transport. 4 large-sized rubber feet (in the accessories pack) can be mounted recessed on the bottom and allow safe stacking of the cabinets.

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