PowerH Series Power Amplifier

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    Up to 7kW, only two rack units high, and weighing a mere 14.5kg! With the PowerH series, Dynacord has opened a new chapter in the history of professional high-powered power amplifiers. The 3-stage grounded bridge Class H topology and an extremely stable, state-of-the-art floating switch-mode power supply guarantee the ultimate in efficiency, absolute reliability, and audio performance of the very highest quality. PowerH power amplifiers are ready for integration into IRIS-Net -based networks. Retrofittable remote modules allow complete system supervision and remote control combined with DSP-functions that include ultra-precise FIR filters and optimized algorithms for loudspeaker protection.

    • H5000 2 x 2.500 W/4 Ohms 2 x 3.500 W/2 Ohms 2 RU/14.5 kg
    • H2500 2 x 1.450 W/4 Ohms 2 x 1.900 W/2 Ohms 2 RU/14.2 kg

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