DSP244 Digital Sound System Processor

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    Providing 48-bit filter algorithms, 24-bit AD/DA conversion and a dynamic range of 115 dB, the DSP 244 sets new standards for digital loudspeaker controllers and processors. The DSP 244 is an universal Digital Sound System Processor that provides 2 inputs and 4 outputs; plus internal summing of the inputs 1 and 2. Via matrix it is possible to assign the outputs to any input or to the sum of the inputs. It is further possible to establish the following configurations: Stereo or Dual 2-Way systems, 3-Way + Direct and 4-Way systems, each with Mono Subchannel, but also full range systems. High and low-pass filters are provided for the frequency crossover functions in all operation modes. The selection includes Linkwitz-Riley, Butterworth and Bessel type filters with switchable slopes between 6, 12, 18 and 24 dB/oct. A huge number of additional filters offers extremely flexible correction of the frequency response. Each input incorporates a 5-band equalizer, allowing to assign high and low-pass, high and low-shelving or parametric peak-dip filters to its individual filter sections. Next to the frequency crossover filters, four additional filters are employed in each output channel, which also can be set to work as high or low-pass, high or low-shelving filters, parametric peak-dip filters, or all-pass filters. Additional filtering is provided through 2. order high-passes for the realization of B-6 alignment, or special LPN-filters (Low-Pass Notch filters) for correcting the frequency and phase responses of optimally vented woofer cabinets. Each channel additionally provides a delay, a polarity switch, a programmable level control and a digital compressor / limiter while the master delays are located in the input channels.

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