Cobra 2 Loudspeaker System

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    The COBRA-2 SYSTEM is designed to provide high-quality sound reinforcement for events in small to medium-sized marquees or halls covering distances up to 40 metres and areas in the region of 1,000 square metres. The COBRA-2 SYSTEM produces a maximum SPL of 137 dB L +137 dB R in the medium-and high frequency ranges and up to 141 dB in the bass. In its basic configuration, the COBRA-2 SYSTEM consists of four COBRA TOP midrange/high-frequency enclosures, four COBRA SUB subwoofers, a ready cabled and programmed 12 U amp rack,the CSR-12, as well as the necessary 4-core loudspeaker cables and a 2.5° wedge set (comprising a pair of wedges that can be placed at the front or back of the cabinets) to aim the COBRA TOPs at the listening area. The coverage pattern of the COBRA-2 SYSTEM is 120° in the horizontal plane and 15° in the vertical. Up to six COBRA TOPs and six COBRA SUBs can be driven by the CSR-12 AMP RACK without difficulty. To allow for expansion of the system, the CSR-12 has room for an additional 3U power amplifier (sub extension,separate front-/side-fill or monitor), which gets its current from the CP-44 connector panel. The largest sensible configuration of the COBRA-2 SYSTEM consists of one COBRA-2 array per side (four TOPs and 4-6 SUBs per side). For especially powerful and penetrating bass reproduction, suitable for a wide range of types of music and venue, COBRA PWH bass horns can be integrated into the COBRA-2 SYSTEM. Since doubling the number of COBRA TOP enclosures halves their vertical radiation angle, special attention must be paid to the way they are aligned – regardless of whether they are flown or stacked. A COBRA TOP has a coverage pattern of 120° x 30° (horizontal and vertical). Two COBRA TOPs stacked directly on top of one another have a coverage pattern of 120° x 15° and four stacked cabinets, 120° x 7.5°. With a ground stack, it is easy to aim the TOP cabinets at the listening area by placing CSW-25 2.5° wedges between the SUBs or the PWHs.

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