DXP 88 SDI 8x8 SDI Matrix Switcher

    Manufacturer Description

    Extron DXP 88 SDI matrix switcher is designed to route SMPTE 259M serial digital video signals. Each input of this 8x8 matrix switcher has an equalized and buffered loop-through, and each output has dual buffered and re-clocked BNC outputs.

    The DXP 88 SDI conforms to the SMPTE 259M specification. It handles all composite, 143 Mbps and 177 Mbps, component 4:2:2, 270 Mbps, and wide-screen 16:9, 360 Mbps, serial standards. Automatic cable equalization typically equalizes greater than 300 meters at 270 Mbps of Extron RG6 or equivalent high quality cable.

    The DXP 88 SDI is housed in a rack-mountable, 1U, 19-inch wide enclosure. It comes standard with a front panel control and is capable of communicating with the Extron MKP 1000 remote keypad and/or MCP 1000 Master Control Panel. Control of the DXP 88 SDI from a third party control system can be done via RS-232 or RS-422.

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