DXM03 24-bit Digital Mixer

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    Get mesmerized by the DXM03’s huge 12-column Spectrum Analyzer. You’ve never seen a DJ mixer light up like this. Choose from 6 Display Modes for instant visual feedback to quickly EQ any material exactly how you want. For polished mixes that really shine, mix with the DXM03 with Spectrum Analyzer. 


    • 24-bit digital mixing
    • Noise-free digital mixing controls
    • Steep 3-band EQ with frequency kill
    • 12 column spectral display with different display modes (master L/R, master L+R, ch1/ch2)
    • 2 phono (w/phono defeat switch)/2 line, 1 mic
    • High quality D-TYPE 100% digital crossfader with reverse switch and continuous rotary slope control
    • Look-ahead peak limiting on headphone and master outputs
    • RCA record output w/o microphone for making mixtapes

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