DX5 Miniature Multi-Purpose Speaker

    Manufacturer Description

    The DX5 is a small footprint enclosure with a pair of "miniature" high performance coaxial speakers. Designed for near-field listening and monitoring as well as distributed audio across large spaces, its compact dimensions and extremely high sound quality make it ideal for applications where discretion needs to be combined with flawless sound reproduction. 

    The particular coaxial design results in a tweeter and a cone driver physically aligned. The acoustic baffling is optimized to limit diffraction. The result is linear phase response with excellent gain before feedback. The LF driver provides exceptional low end frequency response bass a mobile assembly allowing maximum excursion.

    The sophisticated ergonomics of the DX5 enable complete versatility between use as a stage monitor or as a PA loudspeaker. The DX5 can be placed on a stand or on the ground (possibility of two different wedge angles and one frontfill angle), pole- mounted, or wall or ceiling-mounted using the ETDX5 bracket. 

    In broadband mode, the DX5 is ideal for applications such conferencing or as a complement to the main PA as fill/delay/under-balcony etc.

    When used with a processor, it offers studio monitor-like precision that is ideal for music playback for audio-visual applications such as museums and commercial/retail spaces. It is also an extremely discreet yet powerful stage monitor, ideal for small stages, radio or TV studios. Combined with subwoofers, it provides a powerful compact system for sound reinforcement in small venues or theatres and performance spaces as well as for conferences, exhibitions and fashion shows, for which APG recommends the SB112 & SB115-M2 subwoofers.

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