DVP-NC800H 1080p Upscaling 5-Disc DVD Changer

    Manufacturer Description

    The Sony DVP-NC800H offers multi-disc convenience and versatility without skimping on picture and sound quality. Its advanced error correction circuitry eliminates nearly all playback errors due to scratched, warped, or otherwise imperfect DVD discs. You'll enjoy a flawless picture on disc after disc — even heavily played rental discs that can cause other models to stutter and stop. Plus, it can upconvert DVD video to resolutions up to 1080p, so owners of HDMI-equipped HDTVs can experience the best possible picture from their DVD collections.

    The versatile 'NC800H plays music CDs, including home-burned CD-Rs and CD-RWs. You can also pop in an MP3 CD to enjoy hours of your favorite tunes, or a digital picture disc to display photos from your latest vacation on your television screen.

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