Duratruss Crank Stand

    Manufacturer Description

    Global Truss Duratruss Crank Stands

    Model - Description
    DT-3800 HANDLE - Replacement Crank Handle
    DT-3800L - 12ft. Crank Stand 176 lbs. Max Load
    DT-3900L - 13ft. Crank Stand 250 lbs. Max Load
    DT-LB3800 - Round Lighting Bar
    DT-PRO HANDLE - Replacement Crank Handle
    DT-PRO WHEELS - Replacement Wheels for DT-PRO3500 and DT-PRO4000
    DT-PRO3500 - 11ft. Crank Stand 264 lbs. Max Load ||DISCONTINUED||
    DT-PRO4000 - 13ft. Crank Stand 264 lbs. Max Load
    DT-PRO5000 - 16ft. Crank Stand 330 lbs. Max Load ||DISCONTINUED||
    DT-PRO5200 - 16ft. Crank Stand 440 lbs. Max Load
    DT-PROCOVER - Protective Cover for DT-PRO5000 and DT-PRO5200
    DT-TA24 - Truss Adapter for F23/F24
    DT-TA34 - Truss Adapter for F33/F34

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