XR700 WASH Moving Head Projector

    Manufacturer Description

    The new XR700 WASH is a brand new moving head projector fitted with a 700W discharge lamp, which delivers a massive 17.000 Lux at 5 m.

    The XR700 WASH is fitted with a Philips MSR Gold 700 Fastfit lamp (50.000 Lumens) combined with a dichroic parabolic reflector. The XR700 WASH incorporates motorized zoom: 20°- 45°, rotating indexable beam shaper (0°-180°), 2 frost filters, 2 colour conversion filters (3.200°K and 5.600°K), CMY colour generation + a colour wheel (6 dichroic filters + open, with linear selection for perfect 2 colour 2-beams), and electromagnetic or electronic ballast.

    The XR700 WASH also includes a new Pan / Tilt locking system with recessed buttons. The internal operating system can be updated via DMX. The XR700 WASH is particularly suitable for all professional applications, both mobile (concerts, shows, tours, special events) and fixed (clubs and other venues), requiring a light with extremely luminous output capable of illuminating objects and large backgrounds with an endless variety of colours.

    The XR7 WASH offers also a new design, modern and elegant, important for easy installation even in the most refined settings.

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