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    More than just a great light, the XM 1200 Spot is the best possible investment for professionals. Because the XM 1200 Spot offers the best, in all fields. All the functions and all the reliability that service suppliers, installers and lighting designers are looking for in a modern moving head.

    At a simply astonishing price, with all the advantages of costs that can be recovered in a shorter time. Plus totally renewed after-sales service, inclusive of online product assistance, technical support from a new website packed with easy-to-find information, a guarantee of two years, spare parts immediately available from local dealers and a host of other features.

    The XM 1200 Spot is a new moving-head light fitted with a discharge 1200 W lamp (MSR 1200/SA), particularly suitable for use in concerts, shows, tours and special events, as well as in clubs, theatres, TV studios, permanent installations and all other applications requiring a light with high luminous output and a full set of functions.

    The XM 1200 Spot incorporates motorized focusing, a 13°-31° motorized zoom with auto-focus, motorized iris, 2 gobo wheels (6 indexable 16 bit gobos + open each), CMY linear colour mixing system + colour wheel (7 colours + open), 3 rotating prisms, frost, and electronic or magnetic ballast

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