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    The PAR 46 CLASSIC LUX is a projector for PAR 30 lamp, max 120W, with classic shape with long body, in 2 sections, with square filter frame and polish finishing.

    The projector is fitted with a GX16 lamp socket with PVC cable 3×1 mm2 0,85 m and SCHUCO plug.

    The lamp socket of PAR 46 CLASSIC models without ballast has been moved closer to the par can front, to better exploit the different beam angles of the various lamps available on the market.

    The top-quality ceramic bulb socket features chromed contacts for higher contact efficiency.

    DTS uses top-quality 99,5 aluminium with a 20/10 thickness for its can bodies

    The PAR 46 CLASSIC LUX is fitted with an internal safety cable between rear and front.

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