NICK NRG 1201 LED Moving Head Projector

    Manufacturer Description

    NICK NRG 1201 is the most efficient LED moving head wash light ever produced and, thanks to its specifically developed optical group, fears no competition. The exceptional brightness/consumption ratio makes NICK NRG 1201 a truly “green” fixture.

    NICK NRG’s new-generation optical group is an exclusive D.T.S. feature.

    NICK NRG 1201 is equipped with 30 high-power full-colour LEDs (RGBW).

    NICK NRG 1201 features 8°- 50° motorized zoom with a high-efficiency optical system enabling it to be used as a PC Beam or a very wide Wash and ultra-fast silent Pan/Tilt.

    NICK NRG 1201 (FPR) is also equipped with the “FPR” system ('Free Pan Rotation' - patent pending), which enables limitless pan rotation in both directions, with no need for inversion.

    NICK NRG 1201 is suitable for top professional applications, such as tours and special events. NICK NRG 1201 is also available as NICK NRG 1201 CT (30 Full White LEDs, 2700°K - 6500°K).

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