MAX L Moving Head

    Manufacturer Description

    MAX L is a brand new model in the D.T.S. high-power compact moving heads line.

    MAX L features the same innovative technology of MAX, and  addresses a range of top level applications: from concerts to special events; from television studios to theatres.

    MAX L light output is comparable to the most powerful fixtures.

    MAX L features a special optical group with wide excursion motorized zoom that for the first time allows 4 different types of projection in a single moving head: ‘Beam’, ‘Spot’, ‘Wash’, and ‘Studio’.

    No need to stock a whole range of lights: MAX L does it all.

    In fact, MAX L wide excursion motorized zoom allows any application from long-throw projections to large wall washing.

    Beam opening is: 1.7° ‘Beam’ projection; 1.7° - 37° ‘Spot’ projection; 10° - 60° ‘Wash’ projection.

    But MAX L introduces also the ‘Studio’ projection (3° - 40°), selectable via DMX; thanks to it, MAX L projects a beam so uniform and evenly diffused as never before.

    Also, MAX L is very compact and light weight, the perfect moving head for rental companies who want a quick and easy to install unit.

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