Jack Moving Head

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    JACK is a high-power, compact, lightweight moving head.

    JACK features a wide excursion motorized zoom allowing any application from long-throw projections to large wall washing.

    Beam opening is: 1° - 2,5° 'Beam' projection; 2,5° - 37° 'Spot' projection; 38° - 46° 'Wash' projection.

    JACK generates a huge luminosity and extremely uniform projection using only a 189 W lamp; power consumption is just 230 W.

    Also, JACK comes equipped with the ‘FPR’ ('Free Pan Rotation' - patent pending) system, which allows limitless pan rotation, in either direction, never having to reverse motion.

    JACK is the perfect moving head for rental companies - who want a quick and easy to install unit - thanks to its compactness and light weight (only 11,9 Kg).

    JACK is suitable for any professional applications.

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