DELTA 7 RGB R LED Colour Changer

    Manufacturer Description

    DELTA 7 RGB R is the brightest LED colour changer in its category. In fact its light source is composed of 108 x 1W P4 type LEDs (36 Red, 36 Green, 36 Blue) coupled with dedicated lenses, that give a better light efficiency than 3W or K2 LEDs, and project an extremely intense beam: 4446 Lux at 5 m (spot lenses).

    The LEDs even distribution pattern featuring the same quantity of red, green and blue LEDs guarantees high mixing quality for RGB colours and a uniform projection on surfaces, no matter what colour is used. DELTA 7 RGB R can generate 16 million colours; colour temperature can be varied over a linear range from 3200°K to 5500°K.

    Four optical units that can be easily interchanged by users are available, offering different light beam projection angles (Spot, Medium flood, Wide flood, Very Wide Flood) and optimized for the use of DELTA 7 RGB R at different distances from the surfaces to be coloured.

    DELTA 7 RGB R offers an IP65 protection rating, making it suitable for a vast variety of uses, either outdoor or indoor.

    DELTA 7 RGB R has a full-range AC 90-260 V, 50-60 Hz power supply, and therefore ensures reliable operation even in the case of voltage drops. DELTA 7 RGB R can be used without external consoles, in chains of colour changers including up to 32 units.

    DELTA 7 RGB R offers a range of exclusive functions, including: * Twilight sensor for switching the unit on and off automatically, according to external light intensity. The sensitivity of the sensor can be varied by the user, making it particularly suitable for optimising energy savings. * 3 different colour mixing modes: RGB, CMY, HSV. * Possibility of memorizing a personalized white either from the menu or via DMX. The white is recalled with the dedicated DMX “White” channel. All functions of the internal DELTA 7 RGB R menu can be programmed and memorized in a sequence of events (including different luminosity settings, generation of 16 million different colours, special effects, etc.), which can be played back in a predetermined sequence over an entire week. DELTA 7 RGB R features an exclusive motorized movement of the head on 3 axes; it can operate in vertical, horizontal or inverted positions, and can be positioned on the floor or ground, or fitted to trusses; it is complete with a practical accessory for anchorage to the ground.

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