Manufacturer Description

    ALCHEMY 5 is a high performance LED wash moving head that guarantee high luminosity coupled with a superior quality of light, both in white lights in which an accurate color rendering is assured, and in colors. Alchemy 5 is one of the first projectors to be marked HQS (High quality Spectrum-DTS trademark) with which we emphasize the ability to generate high quality whites, a palette of colors more extensive than the range of pastel-like nuances. In Addition ALCHEMY 5 has been designed to meet the theatre and television needs where quietness, versatility and quality of the light are paramount.

    • 6-color LED source with Ø 250 mm Fresnel lens
    • 10° - 47° linear zoom
    • high luminosity with an evenly diffused and flat beam
    • superior white light quality and accurate color rendering
    • extended color palette
    • wide gamut of pastel-like colors
    • linear CTC to meet camera or production requests
    • Silent mode for theatres and TV studios
    • 'Hi-Q Dimming' technology
    • Green – Magenta linear balance, for a natural reproduction of any skin tone

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