DSR2000 DVCAM Editor

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    This VTR has playback compatibility of consumer DV (both SP and LP recorded tapes), DVCPRO (25 Mbps) as well as DVCAM. In addition, The DSR-2000 also has the ability to perform Double-Scan Playback, helping to restore both video and audio of misaligned tape information. The DSR2000 also includes a wider digital slow play range (-x1 to x1), excellent jog audio, built-in video control (TBC), RS-422 interface, and a built-in timecode generator. Analog interfaces (component, S-Video, composite video, and four balanced audio channels), SDI, SDTI (QSDI) and AES/EBU interfaces are standard. Optional i.LINK IEEE 1394 DV I/ O interface boards (DSBK-190) and an SDTI-CP interface boards (DSBK-210) are also available.

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